Friday, February 27, 2009

Technology in Schools

After a week in Charleston with my students, I had them to write a journal that I would post on the following website: My roommate in Charleston taught at Ripley Middle School and he asked me how much I used technology in my classes and how much my colleagues used technology. I said I try to use technology but I am limited because I only have one computer in my classroom and the labs and library are usually booked up. I assign work for students to look on the computer feel they don't have to use a computer for class outside of the actual classtime, so I feel limited with that. As for my colleagues, I try to get them to use computers and similar technology in the classroom as well. In fact, I had one teacher give me an e-mail from our County Technology Coordinator today suggesting that I should go complete courses for a Techonology Integration Specialist certification the state has. I was asked by another teacher to do this last year also. But the dates of the training conflicts with a vacation I have this year although I would still like to do.
I see my kids imersing themselves with technology everyday that adults including most teachers cannot catch up with and grasp how they are using it. I got a couple of students added to my Facebook account today. So I have to be especially careful with what I put on that, but I don't put anything incriminating on it anyway.
So here I go working on a new chapter in my class this weekend and trying to figure out what technology to use!

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