Saturday, August 11, 2012

Architecture of Downtown Clarksburg


I recently took a walking tour of Clarksburg taking a look at some of the architectural elements of the city, particularly downtown.  I knew there was a great deal of historical architecture in the city, but in recent decades, the downtown core has gone through a decline of businesses in favor of retail establishments along the interstate.  So the core of business in downtown Clarksburg today is primarily banking and law offices due to the location of the Harrison County Courthouse in downtown.

I am going to post some pictures with some comments about each.  All of the photos were taken with an iPhone 4S.    I would like to see a regular walking architectural tour of downtown Clarksburg in the future led by docents who know the historical background of the buildings and their construction.  Some information can be obtained from this outdated website:

Quality Hill Historical District National Register of Historica Places Nomination Form:
Hotel Waldo has been abandoned for many years.  The current owner is the Vandalia Foundation who lacks funds and a suitor to renovate this structure.  The City of Clarksburg and Vandalia has been at odds for years over the condition of the building.

Hotel Waldo

Clarksburg Post Office.  Most of the distribution has been moved from this building to the EastPointe Distribution center in the past year.  The Post Office still has a retail store in the building, but Federal offices and courts are located in much of the building.  I didn't get a great photo of this building due to the fact it was business hours and I didn't want to get in trouble for photographing a Federal building.

Clarksburg Fire Department.  This building originally had arched doorways, but as fire engines got larger, the doorways had to become larger.

The Goff Building is located next to the Harrison County Courthouse.

The former Empire National Bank Building.  Over the years, Empire National Bank had been absorbed by One Valley Bank, then BB&T Bank.  BB&T built a new facility nearby.  A law firm currently operates out of the building.  MVB Bank is now renovating the first floor and drive-thru and will open there later in the year and the law firm will operate from upstairs.

Rose Garden Theater.  Formerly the Robinson Grand.  This theater has not been used in years.

Masonic Lodge.  A large fire destroyed the adjacent building  to its east several years ago.  The east side of the building sustained heavy fire damage and has since been repaired.  Many lodges have built large buildings in the early 1900s and rented out much of the building to offices and retail.

Clarkburg Baptist Church.  They recently completed a family life center in the past two years.  Previous additions include classrooms.

Sephia photos of many of these buildings are located on this website: 

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